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We’re just getting started here at, but the word is starting to get out.

Time For Kids

Jean Chatzky, Financial Editor of NBC’s Today Show, mentioned in the Teacher’s Guide of Time For Kids’ “Your $” magazine. The magazine reaches two million schoolchildren each month and is done in partnership with the PwC Foundation.

Quote from the story:
“After a talk with his child’s class,” Chatzky wrote, “he launched the website with the aim of linking other speakers with classrooms. Here’s my suggestion: Invite a parent to speak with the class about a money lesson. Fill out the contact form on Schulz’s website if you need help. Let me know how it goes.”

Success Magazine Founder Matt Schulz spoke with Success Magazine’s Emma Johnson about the inspiration for the website in an article titled “How To Find The Thing That Gives You Joy.”

Quote from the story:
“I have long been aware of the dire credit and debt problems Americans face, thanks to working in personal-finance media for a decade. But when I spoke with my son’s fifth-grade class about credit, it really ignited my passion for making a difference in financial literacy. ”


US News and World Report

Before Financial Literacy Month 2017, Founder Matt Schulz wrote a piece for’s My Money blog about how people can help improve financial literacy in America. It’s not just about talking in class. It’s about talking to friends. It’s about talking around the dinner table. It’s about sharing what you know to help make other people’s lives better.

“This Financial Literacy Month, you can help kids learn more about money by talking with schoolchildren in your area. Visit sites like or to learn more about reaching out to schools near you. You can also get started by simply taking advantage of connections that you already have. For example, get in touch with officials at your child’s school or reach out to friends or relatives with school-age kids and ask for their help.”